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OnDNet is one of Europe’s leading providers in hosting services, offering solutions that include web and email hosting, domain name registrations, Virtual and Private Dedicated Servers together with a wide range of managed services solutions such as hosted Microsoft Exchange and hosted Microsoft Sharepoint.

Our innovative services are designed to bring a feature-rich and professional hosting standard within reach of personal users and SME’s alike.

We’ve won acclaim from both the Internet industry and the business community, while delighting the hundreds of companies, personal users and business partners who use our services. We help our customers achieve their ambitions by giving them the services they need to exploit the power of Internet technology.

Why Choose OnDNet ?

Over the past 9 years we have had customers signup from all industry sectors, from large manufacturing companies to SMEs and web developers of all shapes and sizes. With state of the art fully redundant datacentres in Malta, the UK and Germany we have always lead the industry in value for money and personalized service to our clients. Numerous web hosting companies will come and go with most of them failing and leaving you with the hassle of having to get your online requirements transferred to another provider. We are here to continue serving our clients for many years to come.